Death of the Beast

Ken Curry, 49, a veteran of 157 air combat missions and recipient of a Distinguished Flying Cross, looked out the window of his motel room and saw rain lashing the streets. It was 5:30 in the morning, and two and a half inches had fallen on Tucson during the night. Good day for an execution, he thought.
Curry had taken a few days off from his job as general manager for Petersen Aviation in Van Nuys, California. Someone had told him that one of the B-52s he had flown in Vietnam was now at the Aircraft Maintenance and regeneration center in Tucson, and Curry had come to witness the end of its career as a cold warrior.

At 6:30 Curry arrived at AMARC, situated at Davis-Monthan AFB. Encompassing 2,600 acres, AMARC is the facility where the U.S. military stores aircraft and Titan II missiles it has removed from service. Many aircraft and parts will be refurbished; last year 197 aircraft and 28,500 parts were made operational. But AMARC has a second mission: destroying aircraft- often perfectly good ones.

Excerpt from Air & Space, July, 1995.