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  The Russians of MiG Alley The Retired Officer, August, 2000 . With the opening of former Soviet military archives, the true story of who flew the MiG-15 through most of the Korean War can be told.

  An American Classic: The Retired Officer, March, 2000 . Since 1933, Zippo lighters have been the fighting man's prized possession..

  The Ravens of Long Tieng: Air & Space, November, 1998 . For over a decade in Laos, these American pilots fought an intimate, brutal and secret - war.

Viet Cong's Cu Chi tunnel: Vietnam, June, 1998. For the U.S. Army's 'tunnel rats,' the Viet Cong's Cu Chi tunnel complex was a constant battle ground.

Change of Command: Air & Space, September 1997. The pilots of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing sensed they'd gained a good commander in Colonel Robin Olds. Nine minutes in the air near Hanoi Convinced them.

Escape to U Taphao: Air & Space, January 1997. One way out of Saigon was on a Marine helicopter from the roof of the U.S. Embassy. The other was with a South Vietnamese Air Force pilot making a break for Thailand.