Revisiting Southeast Asia's Prisons

The first thing my eyes locked on was the razor wire that curled ominously along the top of the low wall that ran the length of the street. My taxi had just turned the corner onto a narrow road in downtown Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital.
In 1992, I piloted a C-12 aircraft to Cambodia. I was working in support of the U.S. State Department on the POW/MIA effort.

As my cab made its way toward the infamous Toul Sleng Prison, I passed amputees panhandling in front of every hotel and former soldiers dressed in odd combinations of olive drab...

A shiver ran through me as my cab continued down the road . The taxi driver didn't have to tell me we had arrived at Toul Svay Prey High School, which was renamed Toul Sleng (Hill of the Poison Tree) by the Pol Pot, leader of the radical communist Khmer Rough government.

Excerpt from The Retired Officer, September ,1994.