Scams, Shams, and Flimflams

A flyer came in the mail one morning that read, "Bahama cruise... underbooked, must sell, limited tickets... $279 per couple, 5 days, 4 nights." Such a deal! I called the phone number printed on the ad, which turned out to be listed to a travel service in southern Florida.
An operator answered and told me that the extension I wanted, their special promotion line, was busy, but she would try to get me one of the individual account representatives. After I was on hold long enough to hear an ad for a $599 to $715 Bahama cruise, "Marabelle" came on the line with a voice as sweet as fresh berries and cream. She claimed no knowledge of the special promotion but said she would check with her supervisor.

I held again, catching a repeat on the expensive cruise. When Marabelle came back, sure enough, there was a promotion, but it was sold out. However, her supervisor was checking to see if any reservations had been returned due to "nonverification of address." It should come as no surprise that a minute later, lo and behold, there was an opening for one more couple!

Excerpt from The Retired Officer, June ,1995.