Review Source: Baltimore (MD) Sun - Print Circ 320,986
Date: 10-27-2002
Headline: True Crime, Military fiction, Voodoos

"The fans of Tom Clancy's fiction will find much to like in Shadowmakers by Ralph Wetterhahn (Carroll & Graf, 384 pages). It's a well-worn formula and there's a reason it has worn so well - it's enteraining when well-done, and this one is... one action scene, involving two planes and a stunt worthy of Chuck Yeager, is outstanding. Wetterhahn knows his military stuff, and the loops and flips in his plotting, while sometime fantastic, keep the story moving."

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This thriller by a distinguished military writer vividly brings to life the search for the truth about Vietnam War POWs, an unresolved national tragedy. When Major Will Cadence, a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, visits his fatherís grave, he is approached by a woman with photographs of Willís father, taken years after he supposedly died in a POW camp. As doubts emerge about his fatherís fate, Will visits Senator Hank Dalton, a former POW, shot down with Willís father. Dalton, in the closing days of a tight run for the presidency, helps Will get assigned to investigate missing-in-action reports, a new posting that brings him alongside forensic anthropologist Dr. Gabrielle DeJean. A covert attempt on Willís life convinces them that they have stumbled onto a massive cover-up, leading to a dangerous quest from Honolulu to Laos, Moscow, and the frozen Ukraine, where the truth about American POWs finally begins to dawn. Will and DeJean discover a powerful element in the U.S. government doesnít want the truth disclosed, though the fate of the former Soviet Unionís ICBM launchers, and lethal chemical and biological stockpiles, hang in the balance. In a high-altitude chase that features thrilling aerobatic maneuvers, the climax of this exciting novel will leave readersí hearts pounding.
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