Space-A Travel

"You're going where? To do what?" That was my response when fellow traveler Tony Espinosa told me he was headed to Bangkok, Thailand, to buy a tuxedo. Espinosa, a retired Air Force master sergeant, and his wife, Rose, were ahead of us in line at the passenger service counter waiting for selection on a Space-Available military flight.
...We planned our Space-A trip a month ahead of time. First, I obtain a copy of Air Mobility Command (AMC) pamphlet 24-7, "Space-Available Travel Information," from the AMC office at Scott Air Force Base (AFB) in Illinois. The pamphlet contains basic information you'll need to know, plus addresses and phone numbers of every stateside and overseas base with AMC passenger operations.

Next I faxed Travis AFB in California my onetime registration information, which included our travel category. Retirees are classified in the lowest category, category 6, behind emergency leave, environmental and moral leave, active duty, etc...

Excerpt from The Retired Officer, July, 1996.